Natural Dynamix was recommended to us by my best friend who knew a parent with a son in the school (Tristan's mum) who had told her how her son had improved all round since being at the school.  Seeing as Declan was struggling to keep up at his previous school we decided to visit to find out more about the school.

After us having visited the school and understanding that the ethos and culture of the school is putting the child at the centre and as far as possible adapting to the child's pace and way of learning, we felt confidant that the environment would be well suited to Declan.

We also saw the culture, with the emphasis of having fun and enjoying learning rather than the pressure experienced at other schools, as a very important factor in our decision. 

We liked the fact that the school wanted Declan to attend for a few days to gauge whether he would fit in.

Why we continue to chose Natural Dynamix:

The school has improved Declan's confidence and there has been a drastic improvement in his academic marks as well as a reduction in his anxiety and an overall much happier child.

He has learnt an independence that he never had at his previous school. It has been incredible to see how he has managed all his projects, speeches, etc on his own and without a parent having to assist.  

 We also strongly believe that the "no homework policy" and the reason behind it genuinely works because he now retains so much more information on what he has done during school and can tell us each day what he has learnt.  He wasn't always able to remember what he learnt during school before he joined Natural Dynamix and this was probably due to the many hours of extra homework given each day.

Declan loves his school and really does enjoy going everyday.