Saturday 10 March 2018          08:00 am - 04:30 pm       

 Module 1 : Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence

You will embark on a journey of introspection, self-discovery and enlightenment. Through enhanced self-awareness, a shift in perspective, in-depth understanding and practical easy to use skills and techniques, you will take control of your life, achieve great results and more success at work and at home and maintain peace and harmony in all your relationships.   You will learn how to:

  • master yourself and manage your emotions and those of others in all situations and interactions, achieving all outcomes you desire
  • deal with daily stress, emotional triggers, life challenges, conflict and trauma in a positive, confident and effective way
  • build and maintain co-operative, valuable, supportive relationships in your life
  • manage people effectively, influence others behaviour positively, and motivate yourself and others, take responsibility for yourself and your life, and live a more joyful and emotionally mature life

Module 2 : How to Talk to get Cooperation and Build Relationships

“Like a trained surgeon who is careful where he cuts, parents, too, need to become skilled in the use of words.
Because words are like knives. They can inflict, if not physical, many painful emotional wounds.” ― Haim G. Ginott,
As parents, our words have power to build our child’s self-esteem, or break it down, to get them to co-operate or to create resistance in them. Learn how to communicate more consciously and purposefully with your child(ren) to ensure:

  • that they feel heard and understood
  • that you get more cooperation
  • that you build a good relationship with your child
  • more peace and harmony in your home

Booking information

Date: Saturday 11 November 08:00 – 16:30
Cost:  R650 per person R1100 per couple (parents of the school)  
           R800 per person R1400 per couple (parents not in the school)
Venue: Natural Dynamix 1 Erasmus Road Radiokop

Contact: Lana Leipert 082-4675531